Chemtrail believers may be surprised to find out that David de

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Global Warming Survival Handbook reviewed

A review of David de Rothschild’s bookI recently moncler coats outlet published a hub here about how moncler jackets toronto rude and unfair Alex Jones had been on his show when he had the opportunity to interview adventurer and environmentalist David de Rothschild about his book The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook. Like moncler jackets men so many moncler jackets conspiracy theorists, Jones chose not to see De Rothschild as an individual, who might have his own views on the world, but to condemn him from the start simply because he is from the Rothschild elite banking family.

That David is a Rothschild does not moncler outlet uk mean, or should not mean, anything more than that yes, he bears the name and comes from a fabulously wealthy background, however, that does not mean he cannot think for himself and doesn’t mean he has to agree with everything his family believe or have done.

buy moncler jackets Discount Moncler Coats The Live Earth Global Warming Survival HandookI decided I would actually get a copy of David’s book moncler coats sale to see what he really has to say for himself. He didn’t get much of a chance on the show under the non stop verbal attack from Jones.

I believe in looking for the good points in everyone and in their work and wanted to know what De Rothschild was saying. buy moncler jackets toronto I bought a copy of The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook by David de Rothschild and this is my moncler outlet location review of it.

moncler moncler outlet ny sale It was published by Melcher Media in 2007 moncler outlet in conjunction with the Live Earth concerts and has the additional subtitle 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change or Live Through It.

cheap moncler The cover shows a polar bear on a life raft surrounded by ocean and UK Moncler sale SOS as the message in a bottle. «Official Companion to the Live Earth Concerts» is emblazoned above the scene in an orange sun to symbolise global warming. The polar bear image cheap moncler jackets outlet is somewhat misleading because they can swim, moncler jackets outlet online although they do need land to swim to and the one in the illustration moncler jackets canada only has sea.

The book takes the view, as its title suggests, that global warming is a reality and that the time for debating this is over. We all need to make changes in our lives to help reverse it and to help save the planet and our future on it.

De Rothschild says: «The time has come to stop being part of the problem and to discount moncler outlet become part of the solution.» I agree with him on that.

Whether you believe that humans are responsible for accelerating global warming, and I am not personally convinced that we make much difference, or moncler outlet online feel that it is a moncler coats natural cycle that is happening in moncler jackets mens our solar system, does not make most of the information in this book any less worthwhile.

I think it is important to look for points of agreement with other people and their work rather than dismissing them without giving them a chance and pre judging them as Jones and many moncler outlet usa of his followers have done with David.

The climate is changing and humans are ruining the environment and rendering other species severely endangered or actually extinct. We cannot deny these facts. Wildfires are on the rise and as I write Greece has just been devastated by fire that has destroyed homes and the environment there.

cheap moncler sale I have seen the effects of such fires for myself where I live in Tenerife and even though such fires may have been started by arsonists the fact that the moncler jackets outlet countryside’s vegetation is so tinder dry is evidence that the world has become hotter.

cheap moncler outlet In my own view, we all do moncler chicago need to make changes in our lives, we all do need to stop doing things that waste resources, we all do need to be more in touch with the natural world and we all do need to recycle more and more. This is just good old common sense and respect for our planetary home and the other humans and wildlife we share the globe with.

moncler outlet De Rothschild’s book is packed with common sense and easy to read. It is illustrated too and is small enough moncler jacket outlet to carry around easily. It is as big as my hand a real handbook.

After an introduction in which David de Rothschild talks about the weather and how it has become a controversial topic, he starts out by listing 10 Easy Steps to Help Fight Global Warming.» They are to wear warmer clothing if you are chilly, to use energy saving bulbs, not to moncler outlet store leave electrical appliances on stand by, to cut out using plastic bags when shopping by bringing your own reusable bag, to support local shops, not to use styrofoam moncler outlet mall and disposable cups and plates, womens moncler jackets to use public transport, to ride a bike or walk, to Official Moncler Outlet take shorter showers rather than long baths, and finally, to plant fruit and vegetables and trees and flowers.

I am well aware that there is a lot of current debate about the safety of the compact fluorescent light bulbs because of the mercury they contain, but apart from that, I agree with all the suggestions made there and are moncler coats for cheap things I already do.

So what other advice does De Rothschild offer? Well, moncler jackets kids he advises against thinking big when it comes to cars, houses and electrical appliances to cut down on energy being used, and that makes sense to me too.

cheap moncler coats He offers tips on how moncler coats cheap to go about making positive changes in your life and suggests you approach achieving a goal on a gradient scale and to reward yourself as you progress for any points of success along the way. Later on in his book he suggests that throwing a party and celebrating is moncler coats for kids a good idea.

We all need some fun and enjoyment in our lives and David de Rothschild writes with a lot of humour in his book. Moncler Factory Outlet As he says: «Laugh a little saving the planet is going to be tough, but it doesn’t have to be boring.»

moncler outlet sale De Rothschild talks about how planes and the number of flights people are taking are cheap moncler jackets causing big problems. Chemtrail believers may be surprised to find out that David de Rothschild is moncler jackets for women in agreement with them that the artificial cirrus cloud cover that blankets the skies is not a good thing at all. He says that it traps heat and is generated by the exhaust emissions from planes, but he calls the persistent trails that cause it contrails not chemtrails.

monlcer down jackets De Rothschild advises using worms to recycle your vegetable waste into compost, which you can then use to help grow moncler jackets on sale your own food crops. He recommends homegrown tomatoes as so much better than any you can buy in the shops and I would agree on that too.

moncler outlet online He points out that comercially grown tomatoes waste energy in having to be transported many miles and that they are artificially turned red with ethylene gas as well as being refrigerated. cheap moncler jackets wholesale De Rothschild is concerned about the fruit and vegetable types we have lost and says that America has lost 81% of its tomato varieties over the last century.

cheap moncler jackets In a chapter entitled «Befriend Your Farmer,» David has a lot to say about good old fashioned farmers and how we should support them. He advises that it is a good idea to buy direct from farmers and to support local markets. He supports organic farming and is one himself.

De Rothschild thinks that it is important for people to connect with and enjoy nature and this is something I totally agree with him on having been fascinated by the natural world since I was a toddler. He advises to get out there and really experience moncler outlets uk a forest, a mountain, a field, a sunset or moncler outlet online store a dive in the ocean. I would advise the same!

moncler mens jackets David de Rothschild suggests that planting trees or supporting organisations that do moncler outlet canada is another wise thing to do, and again, in tune with nature,he recommends building a bat house and putting up bat boxes. These little animals are disappearing in many parts of the world so need all the help they can get.

De Rothschild devotes one section of his book to discuss the danger of extinction that so many species face and tells us that by 2050, scientists think that as much as one third of plant and animal species may become extinct.

moncler outlet store He suggests that saving rainwater is a very good idea and I would agree. I remember my granddad and father always had water butts in their moncler coats for men gardens to do just that.

moncler sale outlet David de Rothschild thinks that vegetarianism is the way forward and he also speaks out against leather boots saying that whilst «The Fonz» may have been very «cool» the formaldehyde and other chemicals added moncler coats for women to the hides are decidedly not.

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