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There hasn’t been a contested national convention since 1976. But Republican National Committee officials have already had preliminary discussions about just such a scenario given the possibility no candidate secures a majority of delegates in the state by state contests to come. This year’s Republican National Convention will take place in July..

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Was just trying to come back and throw strikes, Ksiazek said. Know we have a good defense behind me. I was just trying to come through and let them make the plays. OK, it a lot of things. But gun to my head, the best, the most unique and rewarding experiences on the bike are the more rare. It when a truly great group of human beings put aside their busy schedules, responsibilities, and stresses to come together and end up somewhere new.

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The story and the photos have gone national, it makes it harder for Christie to rehabilitate his career outside of the state. Regularly says that the only time popularity counts is when you running for something and he not. Don care, he said recently when asked about the fall in his ratings..

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